Living Kidney Donors Network (LKDN)
Next Steps for Your Digital Billboard Campaign

Once you’ve developed your billboard I encourage you to email local journalists, print and TV to let them know your story and the billboard campaign you’ve developed with LKDN. Include the PDF of your billboard.

You have a great human-interest story and the local TV station and newspapers are looking for stories like yours. Click here to find a list of newspapers in your area. Click here and you could read 20 stories written about someone that developed a billboard ad. When you get a story written about you, please email it to me.

Having Your Donor Find YOU!
The LKDN workshops and webcasts are titled: Having Your Donor Find YOU! Yes, Having Your Donor Find YOU! may sound strange, but that’s what really happens when your story touches someone that wants to help, they will reach out to you. Tell Your Story to enough people, Your Donor Will Find YOU!

There's information on the LKDN home page, about developing a Kidney Kampaign. Scroll down while on the page and click on the link to a recording of a recent webcast, I’m sure you’ll find the information helpful.
Click on the following link for some other ideas on how you could promote your need for a kidney transplant. promoideas.pdf

Follow us on Facebook…we post articles and other information that you should find helpful. You could also post any questions that you have ….and feel free to join in on the conversations when you can help others.

Check out our monthly newsletter and Tuesdays with… updates, it provides information on how you could update family and friends on a weekly or less often timeframe. To see previous newsletters and updates go to the LKDN home page: and look for the links on the left side. If you email me at: I'll put you on the list for future updates and newsletters.

If the waiting list is a good option for you, with the following link, you could search for any transplant hospital’s wait time. First search at the top of the page under: FIND & COMPARE TRANSPLANT PROGRAMS. Select Kidney and by name or zip code. Scroll down to see the results and click on View Complete Report. It’s a large document filled with information about that center. Page 11 has the information about their wait times. NOTE: Before looking into other transplant programs check with your insurance provider to be sure you will be covered at that hospital.

Here’s another link for finding or comparing wait times at transplant centers.

You’ve had a similar experience in your life, it’s when you were looking for employment.
When looking for employment you networked, because the more people you let know about the work you are looking for, the more likely it was you would land a job. You are now in a similar situation.

So, remember the success you had when you landed a job and let it carry over and motivate you now. You can do this!!!

There are 4 main groups for you to reach out to:

     1. Family members, friends and others you are in touch with:
          a. Write out your story, 2 different stories, one for:
               i. Family members and friends
               ii. One for journalists, get a story written about you. Reach out to local newspapers and TV stations. You have                    a good human interest story.
          b. Email with regular updates. See Tuesdays with… updates
          c. Local Media, Schools, Religious Groups, Reunions
     2. Using Social media Facebook Twitter etc.
          a. Post regularly with updates and information.
     3. People you meet in person
          a. You meet people every day. Be prepared to tell your story.
     4. Getting Creative – Unlimited possibilities here are some ideas. Click here to see examples of the following:
          a. Develop a business card
          b. Car signs are very effective
          c. Lawns signs
          d. Tee shirts
          e. Billboards
          f. Next Door
          g. Craigslist

If you have questions email:

Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

Harvey established the LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. Our purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation. Click here to learn more about Harvey.

Solutions are in everyone’s grasp.