Living Kidney Donors Network (LKDN)
Getting Started with Your Billboard Campaign

The following was developed to help you get started with your billboard campaign. If you haven’t already done so, you should read the LKDN Digital Outdoor Billboard Campaign. It will describe to you the campaign, the options that are available and how LKDN will support you with additional billboard ads.

All responses to billboard ads will be directed to the LKDN website. i.e. at the bottom of your ad it will have: LKDN will set up this link and it will land on your profile page which you will setup. As you can see from the LKDN home page someone who saw an ad and doesn’t remember your extension could search to find your profile and contact information.

Once you’ve set up an account with Blip Billboards you’ll need to select the URL that will be on your ad. You could use a nickname but keep in mind, the shorter the extension the easier it is to remember.

Here are the steps you should take to open a Blip Billboards account:
Blip Billboards has developed many “How to Videos” Feel free to view these anytime you have questions.

Getting Started Step #1

  1. Click here to open a Blip Billboards account. YOU MUST USE THIS LINK TO BE CONNECTED WITH the LKDN Blip Billboard Initiative. This is a unique link for those working with LKDN. If you know someone else who also needs a kidney transplant and wants to participate in this campaign, they will need to use this link.
  2. When you open this page, click on: “Get Started” Fill out the form and you’ll quickly receive an email from Blip with a link that will allow you to activate your account.
  3. For those that use a larger font in their browser, you might have to make the fonts smaller if I reference something on your page that you are unable to see.
  4. Click on the link that Blip Billboards emailed to you and follow these instructions.
    a. You could use your Name in the box provided
    b. You could click on the green box, Get Started
    c. You will need to select a template for your campaign. You will be able to adjust this later.
    d. Next is selecting sign locations. You could scroll in the map to look at the availability of signs in your area. In order to move ahead you need to select a sign. Once a sign is selected you need to check the box in the upper left corner of the sign, then click next. You can change this later. When you select a billboard sign the red dot on the map will turn green. This is how you know which sign you’ve selected for your campaign.
    e. In the Daily Budget box you can put 1. This could be changed later.
    f. In Max Per Blip you could click “skip.”
    g. In the “Budget” you’ll need to put an amount in the “Daily Budget” box. You could start to adjust the amounts and times in the graph and days of the week. All of these could be adjusted later. Click “Next”
    h. For “Ads” click on “My design is not ready yet.” Click Next.
    i. Name your campaign and hit Launch.
  5. Once your campaign is launched you should see the yellow box in the Campaigns menu or click on “Campaigns” in the top left corner when you sign in. To view the details of that campaign, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner. When one of your campaigns is active, i.e. when your ad is being shown, the yellow box turns blue. You will be able to make changes here before your billboard goes live.

Getting Started Step #2
In order to take advantage of LKDN Digital Outdoor Billboard Campaign you need to prepay for your campaign.

After you’ve registered and set up your account you need to prepay for your ads. Click here for instructions on how to prepay or go to:

If you’ve selected Option #1 only prepay $100. You’ll be charged $50 when you set up your ad. If you’ve selected Option #2 you can prepay $300 as the setup fee is waived.

To register for your LKDN web link (ie, click here and request your extension. In the email indicate that you are registering for the LKDN Digital Outdoor Billboard Campaign and would like to reserve the LKDN extension. When you receive your extension, you can proceed with the following.

After you’ve prepaid and received your LKDN link you need to set up a call with Maxwell Hill, your Blip Billboards representative. Click here to set up your call. Maxwell will help you get started and will provide you with a link to design your ad.

Directions for Designing Your Ad – Maxwell Hill will provide you with a link to design your ad. Follow these instructions when you go to that link. It will be titled, Billboard Design Service:

  1. They will ask for your website or Facebook page. If you don’t have one put in your email address.
  2. Which Colors, Fonts , And/or Images Comprise Your Brand? Put Living Kidney Donors Network. To be consistent your ad and Living Kidney Donors Network ads will use the same colors.
  3. What Message Would You Like On Your Billboard? As suggested, keep it brief. i.e. Jim Needs a Kidney Transplant.
  4. Logo/Images: Although it isn’t necessary, it is suggested that you include a photo.
  5. When asked: Which Billboard Sizes click here for directions on how to find the size of your billboard or go to:
  6. If you selected Option #1, $150 you will then be directed to pay the $50. If you selected Option #2, $300 the design fee is waived.
    If you have questions about your billboard campaign email them to Maxwell Hill:

To set up a time to speak with Maxwell Hill click here.

To reach LKDN email:

Thank you for making the commitment to the LKDN Outdoor Digital Billboard Campaign. Developing the ads is just one step you could take towards a successful living kidney transplant experience.

Click here to read the Next Steps you could take to enhance the program and learn about other ways to spread the word about your need for a kidney transplant.

Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

Harvey established the LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. Our purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation. Click here to learn more about Harvey.

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